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Estudio sobre biomarcadores en SSC (EM/FM/SQM)

Se está llevando a cabo un estudio que se propone buscar biomarcadores por la Encefalomielítis Miálgica, la Fibromiálgia y la Sensibilidad Química Múltiple. Un biomarcador es una traza biológica que indica la presencia o no de anomalías y alteraciones orgánicas a nivel molecular, bioquímico y celular. Encontrar con seguridad ciéntifica biomarcadores por una determinada enfermedad … Continue reading


I am looking for contributors. I need a proof reader (my English fails sometimes) and translators of Spanish, Catalan, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese or whatever other language.

Diagnostic Criteria for Experts

Premise: this post will be quite long, but the theme is of primary importance for the sufferers; so I apologize in advance for in this case it won’t be an ‘atom block’, but I will keep it a block referring to the topic. A diagnostic criteria is a tool used in medicine to identify the … Continue reading

ME or CFS? On the name

The first words of the 2011 ICC (see ICC post) are spent on the name ME, that substitutes the previous name Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) used in the 2002 Canadian Consensus. It may sound pointless to many people talking about the name of a illness, but this question has been and still is of enormous … Continue reading

ICC = International Consensus Critera

If you google “International Consensus Criteria” or “International Consensus Conference” you will find many academic articles on various pathologies. When a disease is difficult to understand and cure it arises the need to gather all the medical knowledge and experience developed until that moment, in order to clarify the causes and the characteristics of that … Continue reading


There’s a lot to say about ME.. Let me know if is there a topic you want me to talk about and I will try to satisfy your request as soon as possible!


Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a multi-systemic, disabling, degenerative and mortal illness. In 1969 the World Health Organization classified it as neurological disease, under the code ICD 10-G93.3. The name means: painful (myalgic) inflammation (-itis) of the brain (encephalo) and of the nervous system’s myelin (myel-). ME affects all body systems, mainly the neurological, endocrine and immune systems, … Continue reading